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Is there a bathroom on board ?

Bathrooms are present only on the Motorboat and Supergozzo.
On the other boats it is not present, but there is a toilet just before boarding.

Can I bring food on board?

Yes, you can bring food purchased by you or alternatively you can approach us to arrange it.

Is the Blue Grotto tour included in the price?

No, the ticket must be purchased at the entrance of the cave. The price is about €14 per person.

Is it possible to bring bottles of wine on board?

Of course, there is also the option of purchasing them from our office.

What is included in the tour?

Included in the price are Diesel fuel, beach towels, soft drinks, masks and other onboard amenities.

Is any coverage present on board?

Yes, all boats are equipped with sun shades.

Is it possible to leave luggage at our office?

Of course, we will hold your luggage until you return from the tour.